How Business Owners Can Avoid Becoming Mini-Dictators?

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How Business Owners Can Avoid Becoming Mini-Dictators?

Many business owners think that they are the boss and their company isn’t a place where democracy should apply. We often see how business owners turn into mini dictators where they lead employees based only on their interest and success goals. Bosses often think that they are all knowing and completely right. Starting from the best space in the parking lot to the largest room in the office, many business owners insist on getting all the privileges for their comfort and convenience. They may have a dozen coffee breaks each day and play golf too often, disguised as networking building with fellow professionals. When they do get back to the office, they often throw tirades regarding the smallest mistakes and things that haven’t been done properly. These bosses are never there to monitor business processesm yet they are wondering why many things don’t get done.

Unfortunately, many of these mini dictators have perfect and wonderful employees who never get positive words and only take very sharp criticism every day. In this situation, bosses should change their behaviors to avoid losing good people in the workplace. These mini-dictators are not only have bad behaviors, but they also have another destructive habit, that’s using too much of the company’s financial reserves for their personal uses. They even rely on the company’s credit lines to fund their own luxurious lifestyle. This will put the company into a deep financial problem if spending isn’t controlled. Too many business owners purchase things that are not related to business processes. These bad business owners argue that they need to look successful in front of other business professionals and because they have worked hard, there’s nothing wrong about taking some extra money from the company.

Business owners often think that they can take advantage of their own company, when there’s tons of cash flow. They believe that a small cash withdrawal would barely make a dent to their company. However, such reasoning could be very damaging, if it has become a habit. Mini-dictators could become parasites to their own company and they are reluctant to return to normal lives with only their standard salary. Regardless of the situation, we should avoid splurging on any kind of personal goodies. In order to avoid becoming mini-dictators, business owners should use their own common sense and know what’s best for their company. Business owners could gain respect from their employees, if they have decent lifestyle and never do things that put employees into unnecessary problems. Business owners should stick to their vision and mission statements. Business owners should be able to visualize how their companies should become and they need to focus on achievable goals. In this case, they will find out that they need to have close cooperation with employees and use every last penny in the company’s coffer. It means that bosses will have better relationship with employees and they won’t use company’s money to fund their expensive lifestyle. The company as a team will be able to move forward and achieve success.

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