Home Improvement Projects That Will Not Add Value To Your Property When Selling

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Home Improvement Projects That Will Not Add Value To Your Property When Selling

There are so many things you can do to increase the value of your home before putting it on the property market for sale. However, you need to be careful so that you do not end up investing in those home improvement projects that do not add any value to your property. In fact, these will only cost you a lot of money before your realize that they are likely to slow down your chance of selling the property fast even when the property market is at its peak. Here are some of the home improvement projects that you must avoid because they do not add value to your property.

Improving the plumbing or electrical system of an older home. While you may consider the installation of copper plumbing or even replacing the sewer as a modern improvement to your old house, this will not have any impact on the value of your home. This is because there may be other homeowners that incorporated these improvements a few years before you. As such, while it will increase your chances of finding a buyer, it does not necessarily increase the value.

Professional landscaping. It is true that you need to create a good first time impression for your property by improving its kerb appeal. Even then, you don’t have to go into extensive professional landscaping as this won’t add much. Instead, consider focusing on the small details like maintaining a lawn that is well mowed, planting colorful plants, painting the front door among other things.

Introducing a new roof and gutters. Although you will certainly find buyers that appreciate a new roof or furnace, they will not be willing to pay an extra coin just because you replaced the roof. If anything, when you replace an old roof that has achieved its life expectancy, you are simply carrying out maintenance task hence it doesn’t add up to the value of the property in any way.

Swimming pool. The cost of installing a swimming pool in your home can never be recovered when you want to sell your home. This is because while most buyers are attracted to the house, they do not consider a pool as being a necessity but a luxury addition. Thus, while they would like to have it as part of their property, they are not ready to spend more on it. This means that when you install a pool, you should not expect to increase the value of your home.

Solar panel installation. Although it is widely assumed that when you install solar panels on your house before putting it up for sale will get you better offers this is not true. In fact, bringing in solar panels will add no value. Instead, you will do well to make sure that your house is energy efficient because most buyers will want to see your license. As such, you need to make sure that you work with an experienced estate agent as they can guide you through the industry trends to help you settle for the most rewarding home improvement project.

Introducing dated improvements. Although you may prefer white ceramic counters and other white appliances, this is not always attractive especially to young buyers hence are considered to be dated improvements. Since such improvements are out of style, you are unlikely to fetch more money for your property when you invest in them.

Painting. While this is a cost effective improvement before selling your property, you need to be strategic in order to enjoy a good return. Don’t paint your home in colours that bring out you taste. Instead, consider introducing neutral hues as opposed to those colours that depict your personality.

Overall, if you must do some home improvement projects to add value to your property, make sure that they are guaranteed to yield good returns. Otherwise, selling your house through a company like ReadySteadySell.co.uk will be the most appropriate move.

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