Meet the World of a Global Guru in Investment

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Meet the World of a Global Guru in Investment

The key to a successful life is smart work, sheer perseverance, and the will zeal to reach mountains that have never been peaked. While many people possess one characteristic or the other, Thomas Wos possesses the perfect blend of these.

Born in 1986 in Germany, Thomas was always the most competitive be it academia or any extracurricular activity. He had the drive to ace everything he laid his mind at, and that competitive nature led him to hone his skillset to such an extent that he might well be considered the up and coming Warren Buffet of the modern world.

Rising To the Limelight

After spending his initial years in Germany, Thomas moved to Switzerland where he has been working for years, establishing his footprint in multiple industries. While some people know him as an expert author, others know him for his experienced consultancy, while most know Thomas for his exceptional skills when it comes to investment.

Thomas stepped into the practical world at an early age. He started off in marketing. Being a fast learner he is, it didn’t take the youngster long to launch his own ad agency. This was the initial peek into what Thomas Wos was capable of doing professionally. Through his ad agency, he managed to help several companies enjoy great profits. To cope up with his demand, Thomas had to increase his number of employees.

Owing to his accomplishments, businesses soon started hiring him for his consultancy when it came to increasing profits through targeted digital marketing. He has already served his marketing consultancy services to companies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Thomas is expanding his footprint on the global arena with each passing year.

The Investment Guru

Thomas Wos always had a thing for investors. After making a great name in the marketing industry, he decided to try his luck in the investment game, something that later on became his identity. He started small by investing in properties and managing financial assets, but the mind-boggling ROIs he attracted turned heads towards his investment skills.

Before Thomas could even comprehend, he was deep in the investment game managing assets that were worth a staggering 200 Million Dollars. Thomas has even admitted expanding this number to a jaw-dropping 1 Billion dollars by 2023.

Thomas has assisted several companies in making a fortune using his distinguished skillset. Some of the most unprecedented ventures of Thomas include the ‘WOS Swiss Investments AG (SA). Thomas acts as the Risk Investor for different businesses. His venture, WOS Swiss Investments AG (SA), has already invested in thirty different companies with a total worth of $200 Million. The company plans on managing 500 properties by the end of next year.

Another prolific venture of Thomas Wos is “The Wos”, the brand with which Wos plans on creating a global hotel chain in the coming years. The Wos already has several subdivisions like The Wos – Apartments, The Wos – Hotels and Spa, and The Wos – Luxury Residencies. Thomas Wos also works as the CEO of “Swiss Marketing Systems GmbH—a full-service agency in Switzerland, as well as “All Real Estates International LLC” which boasts having the most listed properties in the UAE. This company offers 360 real estate services.

All in all, it is fair to state that although Thomas Wos made his mark on the marketing world, it is unmatched to the mammoth footprint he has in the field of investments which, needless to say, is expanding with each passing year.

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