How Do You Know How Big Your Property Is?

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How Do You Know How Big Your Property Is?

It is important to not only know just how big your property is but where your property lines are so that if you have projects you want to do, you will know your limitations. It is also essential to know how large your property is should you ever want to sell it or a portion of it.

Look at Your Deed

The first way to find out how big your property is to look at your deed or mortgage information. When you purchased your property, a survey should have already been done and the amount of land should be indicated on the mortgage and deed. However, if you have inherited the property or acquired it in some other way, you may have to do a little more digging to find out just how large your property is.

Check with the County

Most county property tax departments have online access to the properties within their jurisdiction. Do a search for the county website in which your property is located and follow the instructions to find your parcel. There should be an accurate assessment of your property listed. If the information on the county website does not mesh with what is on your deed or mortgage, you may need to consult a real estate attorney and have a new survey done.

Consult a Professional

If you need to have someone perform a proper land survey, consult a professional surveying company. If you want accuracy, you are going to need a trained surveyor to figure out what is your and what isn’t. Surveyors don’t just measure lines, they have to read through evidence, laws, and other documents in order to determine just where a property begins and ends, and where it was considered to be historically.

According to Mark Mason, land surveyors do a lot more than just reading field instruments. They also spend a lot of time researching legislation and bylaws. They use math, historical information, engineering, and hard work to figure out what the boundaries of a property are.

Keep Records

Once an official survey has been done, it is important to keep track of the documents that legitimize just how large your property is. Have a lawyer file the survey with the county and make sure the deed and mortgage are altered to appropriately reflect the new information if the old information was inaccurate. Be sure to mark off the property lines once the land survey has been performed so that you and anyone who purchases property adjoining you, knows just where the lines are in the future.


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