Why Storing Records Off-Site Makes Sense

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Why Storing Records Off-Site Makes Sense

The introduction of cloud technology has changed business forever, making way for cloud storage and various types of SaaS suitable for the specific purposes they serve to specific businesses. Nothing has to be lost with hardware anymore, and along with several other industries, the insurance and legal business has a lot to benefit from it as well. Storing medical records off-site, with a specialized EHR storage and retrieval service, can be the difference between winning or losing a case.

Server Breach

Even if the firm has servers of their own, they are all connected to each other. If something does go wrong and any one of the servers are breached, it’s going to be a lot easier to breach the others as well.

Off-site storage, on the other hand, is by definition located on a completely different physical and virtual location, which has no dependence to your own internal servers.

Server Corruption

Every time a server goes down, at least some of the data is at risk of being corrupted. Being a business venture that deals exclusively with cloud data storage, your off-site EHR and other document storage/retrieval service will have every piece of data backed up on multiple servers, located in various data centers. This means data corruption is not anything you will ever have to worry about when you store documents and records off-site.

Timely Medical Record Retrieval is Possible

If there is one aspect of cloud storage that can be a bit of nuisance, it would have to be the actual retrieval of vast electronic documents. Record retrieval can, however, be a lot faster and more accurate with American Retrievals.

Companies like this specialize in retrieving not just electronic health records, but just about any document in the cloud, faster. When you are strapped for time, their record retrieval service could make a huge difference between winning and losing a claim, or verifying its authenticity with the concerned EHR. Transfer your case records to their via an access portal, and performing reviews to status checks on them should no longer take unnecessary time.

Paper is Just Not an Option Anymore

If your law firm or insurance firm is still using paper documents mainly, it’s time to change that as soon as possible! Paper is one of the easiest materials in the world to damage, and when it’s sensitive materials that you are dealing with, paper should no longer be an option.

Natural Disasters

Every time we hear about a tornado or a hurricane hit the US, we get to know about the tremendous losses they leave in their wake. Be it paper or electronic document, as long as it’s in the way of a devastating storm, the documents and records won’t survive.

Off-site storage ensures that even when a storm has destroyed any locally stored data, all the necessary documents are safely stored away in a highly-secure location, where even storms can’t destroy them.

Cloud technology and everything it brings with it is not just the future of business, but it’s the present as well. Off-site storage of important records is now a commonly expected safety measure, not anything unique.

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