The Main Advantages of a Corporate Social Network

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The Main Advantages of a Corporate Social Network

Networking is essential for business owners in this day and age. Even if you are the CEO of a company, you can’t think of yourself as above the rest. You will constantly need to hustle and improve your contacts so that you can learn from the best. CEO Connection is a membership organization for mid-market CEOs and companies that help people connect with others in the same industry. Through this organization, you will be able to connect with resources, CEOs and others who are operating in the same industry as yourself.

Developing a corporate social network in your company is vitally important. It can help you grow, and it can also provide many advantages for other employees in the company. Here are the main advantages that you get for establishing a corporate social network in your company.

Improved employee productivity in the company

In terms of profits, the social networks of companies are mainly involved in the productivity of employees. By promoting knowledge sharing and pooling corporate resources, employees develop multiple skills independently and can quickly find the information they want quickly and easily. 20% of the working time is spent searching for information. A good CSR reduces and optimizes this time.

This ease of access to company resources is a considerable time saver for both employees and the company. In this sense, a survey published in 2016 by the firm McKinsey & Company showed that almost 20% of employees’ working time is spent searching for information, including contacting colleagues by phone or e-mail.

With resources available immediately, there are reduced emails or fewer phone calls for employees.

A good CSR makes it possible to:

• foster knowledge sharing

• pool the resources of the company

• save valuable time on information search and business intelligence

A sense of belonging and increased involvement

A CSR makes it possible to circumvent the organizational and hierarchical silos of a company to promote exchanges between the various businesses, departments, and departments of the company.

This transversal collaboration between employees is conducive to cooperation between departments and promotes de facto the sense of belonging common to the company. Everyone feels closer to others, paradoxically thanks to a digital link. For example, live team-building operations work on this point.

A good CSR makes it possible to:

• create a link between collaborators, especially of different services or “status” hierarchical

• strengthen the sense of belonging and involvement

Better integration of new elements

Corporate social networks allow employees to meet or interact with colleagues with whom they may not be working directly. CSR is also an excellent tool to promote the integration of new recruits into the company!

This allows new employees to access the company’s core resources – such as the company’s graphic charter, organization chart, project sheets, etc. – and quickly understand the workflow in place.

By connecting with companies like CEO Connection, you can grow your contacts drastically, which could only bode well for your company in general and help you grow.

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