How to Boost Your Website’s Trust Factor

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Gone are the days when websites were the sole way of businesses to reach consumers. The Dot-Com Bubble was a boom in e-commerce businesses, and even though a few such as Amazon and eBay survived into the 21st century, it has paved the way for the future. In cosmopolitan cities such as Dubai and Karachi, each year marks the debut of several e-commerce startups. However, only a few of them make it into the next year. This is because increased opportunity comes to a rise in competition, especially in a field like digital marketing.

Qualities of a Company which attract Investors

  • High-quality services: Just like content should be high quality, the same applies to a variety of services. It doesn’t matter if you offer unique services such as inbound marketing services in UAE, as long as those services are high in quality as well. Also, offering a high quantity of services such as SEO, social media, content, digital marketing, etc., might be useless unless these offerings are esteemed in reputation.


  • Unique ideas: Suppose you get a client who wants a website design. If the end result of your website development is similar to your competitors’, then your customer loyalty rate will be lessened. So, along with high quality, aim for original ideas in your services.


  • Trust: How do you attract clients to make a purchase again and again? One word: Trust. Trust building is one of the strongest attributes of a company to attract investors, who in turn, supply them with their contact data and financial information.

The afore-mentioned point, Trust, needs a more thorough explanation. This is especially the case if you’re opening an online-based startup in 2019.



How to Boost Your Website’s Trust Factor

  • Pay homage to your investors: Oftentimes, you come across a business’s website which showcases their clients’ logos as badges on their front page. You should opt to do the same so that other investors know the awesome clients who serve. Equally, your clients will sense a feeling of honor that you showcased their logos/images on the front page. Not only are clients the target market for this strategy, but if consumers see high-profile names on your front page, then they will also look forward to availing your services. There are also two demerits to this tactic. Some firms might consider displaying logos as a failure as rival companies might steal their clientele. Another reason is that visitors pay more attention to the client list and ignore the services offered by the company. Nevertheless, this strategy is one of the best to build trust.


  • Hire a social media manager or community manager: As mentioned at the beginning of the article, social media is one of the best ways for businesses to reach potential customers online. And in the 2010s, this is one of the swiftest ways to build trust with clientele. Social media offers unlimited opportunities for confidence building. For example, what differentiates social media from a website is quick responses to feedback. With a website, a person can comment but the rate of replying will vary. Compare social media; not only can admins reply to social media comments in seconds, there is also messaging compatibility and chat box options on popular social media networks like Facebook. A social media manager’s primary function is to manage the social media profiles of a company. They do this by creating social strategies, reaching consumers through the anonymity of social media, analyzing social analytics, creating and monitoring content, etc. Everything pertaining to social media relates to a social media manager, and all these strategies relate to trust-building with a firm and its clientele. A community manager performs as the spokesperson for a firm. Their work is more consumer-centric. They can either promote the brand utilizing the social media accounts of the company or through their own profiles. As their primary function is to make consumers and clients feel like they are a part of the brand, the community manager is ideally responsible for building confidence with clientele.


  • Offer services which showcase your services as unique: We previously mentioned how original ideas attract more investors. So, if the services you are offering showcase you to be a trendsetter, then clients will trust you more as you provide them with authentic content. If you write content which is well-researched and authentic, it will catch the eye of more clientele. If your ideas are original, then your firm will stand out in the market which is filled to the brim with e-commerce startups.


  • Be visible: Visibility goes a long way in building trust with consumers and businesses alike. For example, WordPress offers you the feature of allowing the public to view the number of visits on your webpages. Similarly, your business could show its monthly revenue rates on its website, so that nothing is hidden between your company and its clientele. You can also show the success stories of philanthropic endeavors that your company has most recently invested in. It will show a humanitarian side to your company which enhances trust building in the long run.


  • Display the most famous trust seals: These trust seals are those which are supplied to websites to showcase that the services that they offer are trustworthy. Even though it has been researched that trust seals boost sales, they also have the disadvantage of coming across as pretentious. Therefore, the best decision you could make is applying for the three most popular trust seals, instead of a lot of them.


SSL certification: Do you ever visit a site and there is a box next to the URL which displays a Not Secure warning? This means that the website is not to be trusted with inputting personal information, or even that it could be hacked. How to know if a site is secure? Their URL should start with https instead of http. And for website developers, SSL certification is an easy and free process which they should de

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