The Most Important Factors for a Well-Organised Order Fulfilment Process

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The Most Important Factors for a Well-Organised Order Fulfilment Process

Having an e-commerce business can really give you the profits you are looking for. But running it is an entirely different matter, especially when your business is experiencing a growth spurt. If you don’t have a good fulfilment process, the orders of your customers can either be delayed or damaged, or your customers’ orders may even become lost. As an e-commerce business, you want your customers to be happy and satisfied – especially when receiving the products they ordered from you. The problem with e-commerce businesses is that you need to have a good process for fulfilling orders, and if you don’t have one, it may be a good time to make certain changes. Following are the most important factors you need to know for a well-organised order fulfilment process.

  • A process which is completely aligned

The very first thing you can do as an e-commerce enterprise is to make sure that when your customers place an order, it will be processed in a standard way. Even if you have different options for ordering – be it by telephone, by mail, by Internet, and so on – all orders should be processed using a standard procedure and policy. If your order fulfilment process is standardised, you can avoid problems with paperwork and, more importantly, problems with delayed orders, missing orders, or wrong orders.

  • An assessment of your lead times

One of the most important facts customers who place an order want to know is when they will receive their orders. More often than not, your customers won’t entirely mind if their order arrives earlier than expected, but they will certainly not appreciate it if the order is delayed. It is therefore in your best interest to say that the order will take a longer time to be delivered. Make sure you assess your lead times and processing for delivery, so you can give your customers a good estimate, as an e-commerce fulfilment and contract packing specialist like Cannon Packing & Logistics will tell you.

  • Communication and transparency are key

When it comes to having a more streamlined and well-organised order fulfilment process, you need to know the importance of communication and transparency. Your customers will become concerned if you don’t regularly communicate with them about the status of their order; with regular communication and transparency, you can reassure your customers and make them more confident of your business and service.

  • An organised warehouse

When you have an organised warehouse, then processing orders will become easier. Your workers and staff need to know where everything is and, more than this, they should have quick access to items so that no time is wasted in order processing.

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