6 Reasons Why you Should use Cloud CRM Solutions

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6 Reasons Why you Should use Cloud CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool that businesses use to better every aspect of their interactions with customers, both potential and actual. Whether you are trying to convert prospective leads into customers or to retain your current clients, CRM remains your means of achieving success. It provides you with accurate, meaningful information that greatly aids your decision-making. And good, informed decisions, in turn, improve your business as a whole.

With an ever-increasing reliance on internet and mobile devices, demand for cloud CRM solutions has risen as well. More and more organizations face a growing need of having an accessible, deployable, and affordable tool for CRM. Naturally, they turn to cloud-based options. Leading provider of cloud-based CRM software bpm’online has an abundance of such options: it provides CRM software tailored to specific industries:

  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • And many other industries

With more than 6,000 customers, bpm’online has already made a name for itself. More about bpm’online’s cloud CRM software can be read here:


But what is so great about cloud-based CRM? Here, we list 6 compelling reasons that speak in favor of cloud-based CRM.

Top-notch systems have excellent accessibility

In today’s mobile age, almost every working person has not one, but multiple devices that are used in everyday’s work. Being able to access CRM tools from just one device (or even one place) can significantly hinder one’s work by decreasing both effectiveness and efficiency. That is what makes cloud CRM solutions stand out – they provide a single entry-point regardless of device’s form factor, platform and location. Whenever and wherever should the need arise, all that a person has to do is connect to the internet. Once it is done, the required CRM tools will be at one’s complete disposal.

Cloud CRM solutions are easily deployable

Before cloud-based solutions came along, deploying CRM software could become an actual nightmare as it would require a separate installation for each device. In case of hardware replacement or change of CRM software, this tedious process would repeat itself again. Cloud-based CRM solutions are devoid of this drawback. In this case, everything is hosted in the cloud, and people’s devices are mere clients that take advantage of unified system that stores, processes, and presents information for them.

Advanced CRMs are customizable

Cloud-based CRM solutions provide a unified experience across all devices, but they also realize the fact that no two business situations are completely identical and “one-for-all” approach is practically unacceptable. With this realization comes the possibility for the end-users to tailor CRM software to their own needs. That is, they get to choose how the software interacts with them. And when end-users are quite comfortable with the way their software works, they end up being more productive.

6 Reasons Why you Should use Cloud CRM Solutions

CRM solutions have good integration

Apart from CRM tools, businesses use a wide array of other software, and the more departments and employees there are, the bigger the software list is. Consequently, it is absolutely vital in such situations that CRM software “plays the ball” with other software. Whether it is an e-mail, a spreadsheet, or a database, it is imperative that CRM software knows how to process those. And it goes both ways: output of CRM should be readily exportable to other popular programs. Cloud-based CRM solutions of bpm’online provide the highest levels of integration by adhering to standards of file types thereby ensuring a complete two-way integration.

Automation solutions are affordable

Cloud-based CRM software leaves a lesser footprint on a business’ budget. This is mostly achieved due to reduced maintenance that the software requires. For instance, there’s practically no need to upgrade hardware of users since almost every operation is carried out in the cloud. Cloud solutions can further accentuate their affordability by offering software as a service (SaaS). For businesses, it means that instead of costly long-term purchases, they can rent the software for shorter periods of time, and thus avoid the risks typically associated with capital expenditures.

Cloud CRM systems are highly secure

As opposed to organizations that might neglect their IT security due to lack of will or resources, providers of cloud-based CRM solutions make it their priority. They provide high levels of security through a number of means, such as multifactor authentications, software patches, data backup, and others.

Compelling as these reasons may be, it is always more convincing when one can witness something in practice. So if you are interested and willing to experience firsthand how cloud CRM software works, then order a free trial at bpm’online’s website.

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