Essential Features of Compensation Management Software

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Essential Features of Compensation Management Software

Compensation management is a time-consuming process for most large organisations. It can take up a huge chunk of administrative hours. These days, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it was before thanks to the advent of compensation management software. Many of the processes involved with human resources have been automated and it was only a matter of time before payroll and compensation started to follow suit.

Strategic planning and execution of compensation are now made possible through the use of software. Although it is considered by many as an advancement from traditional methods, it may not suit all types of organisations, especially those with very basic structures and low employee count. But for complex companies, it is indeed a step-up for compensation professionals to automate the salary management process. Compensation software tools are designed by industry experts that understand the importance of reducing the burden of a manual process while optimising efficiency and accuracy.

Before considering specific software for compensation management, these features should essentially guide an organisation in deciding whether the investment is worth the cost:

Built-in data segmentation

For large organisations, there are different departments with varying compensation packages. The software should allow segmentation of data so that it is easier for each department manager to configure the information.

Easy access to information

Ease of use is another desirable feature when choosing compensation management software. Automation will be futile if each stakeholder cannot navigate through complicated data. The software itself should be relatively straightforward and easily mastered.

Workflow automation

Sophisticated compensation management software should have the capability to automate certain workflows related to the planning process. It should also be able to provide notification through an efficient method of data delivery. By delivering information to the right person involved, the process is simplified even more.

Reporting feature available on-demand

It is also more beneficial if the compensation management software allows the viewing of budget reports per department or per employee. This is certainly a feature that will provide value to the entire process.

Linking to performance appraisal

Part of the challenge with manual compensation processes is the time it takes to integrate performance appraisals with the compensation package of an employee. With the help of software, this can be automatically linked together. When these two are connected together, the company is better able to provide the correct payment for performance as planned.

While these features are essentially what every organisation should look for when planning to adopt compensation management software, it is still important to take into consideration the unique needs and requirements of the company. Many companies have varying goals and reasons for automation and looking at these goals can better define the need, hence, justify the investment.

In any case, many companies today are constantly dealing with changes in the compensation and benefits program for employees. Surely software can help address the complexities while ensuring that they remain in compliance with legal requirements. It is also a helpful and valuable tool to ensure the accuracy of planning and delivery.

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