How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Help Your Business

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How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Help Your Business

In today’s world, businesses are doing everything they can to help their customers, and improve their customer base.  One such method is the use of chatbots. These devices, such as the one being utilized through Facebook Messenger, has revolutionized the way companies do business, and assist their customers.  As you will see, the benefits are worth exploring.

Chatbots:  What Are They?

In order to discuss the benefits of chatbots, we first need to define what they are.  These devices are natural language user interfaces that run on underlying rules or artificial intelligence.  They are services that users interact with using natural, conversational, language.  

People have started using them for entertainment purposes or to purchase items from their favorite stores.  Quite often, they can take the place of looking at a website.  All one has to do is open up the chatbot, and look for a product.

How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Help Your Business

Facebook Messenger

One such example is Facebook Messenger.  But, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about regarding it, and how it can help a business.  However, the number of users has recently reached over one billion.  Any company that wants to continuously grow needs to consider digital marketing, and Facebook Messenger has become one of the top methods.

Connect Quicker

Marketers have started using Facebook Messenger to develop a more meaningful rapport with customers. In so doing, companies have also reaped several benefits. For example, they have created quicker connections with their customers. The messenger app is already integrated into the larger Facebook, and has also been integrated for smartphones. Customers can interact with the company whether or not they are on its Facebook page. No longer do they have to specifically go to a page or website just to interact with the business.

Easy Information Access

It also makes access to information easier. The bots can answer customer questions with relevant information that is easy to understand. In fact, companies such as CNN and The Weather Channel use chatbots to offer around-the-clock information for customers that increase knowledge and brand interest.

How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Help Your Business

Improved Customer Service

Such bots are also providing customer service. For example, you can use one to communicate with Comcast about billing, and other issues. You can also order pizza from Domino’s. These, and other bots can solve many customer service issues, which allows your staff to handle more complicated problems. The increased efficiency often leads to happier customers, which, in turn, leads to increased sales. These and other chatbots are available 24 hours per day, which means you can access them even during late-night hours, and from any location. The bots don’t sleep.

Additionally, chatbots base responses off of natural language understanding, which helps them understand the context of the question.  In doing so, they can extend a conversation, and give more detailed answers.

It is, however, important to remember that chatbots are an augmentation, and not meant to replace anything in the company.  They won’t be able to answer every customer’s question, But, they can collect information, and relay it to the team. Doing so will allow a staff member to contact the consumer with a detailed response.

Chatbots have definitely helped staff members improve their business’ customer service. While it may take some getting used to, it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Removing Barriers To Entry

Another benefit to using chatbots is the ability to influence customers, which will make them more inclined to make snap decisions, and purchase more items. Companies like 1-800-FLOWERS and the ride-sharing site known as Lyft offer a great way to interact with customers, and let them purchase products, and services, quickly.    


Chatbots such as Facebook Messenger have revolutionized how companies do business with their customers. The features have made it much easier to interact with customers, and build a deeper rapport. But, thanks to Facebook Messenger, customer service has greatly improved.

Customers can use it to purchase products, and services.  But, they can also discuss any problems they may have with a company.  The ability to do so around-the-clock also means you no longer have to wait for “regular” office hours to talk to someone.  The chatbot is there to answer almost any question you have. Companies who use it will definitely see an improvement in their business, and bottom line.

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