5 Tips To Budget Your Holiday Shopping and Stay Out Of Debt

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5 Tips To Budget Your Holiday Shopping and Stay Out Of Debt

Shopping and budget are two things that don’t really go well together. Now that the holiday season is here, you might worry about maintaining your savings and budget while getting presents for everyone. Well, holiday shopping is something that requires some thoughtful planning.

Not sure how to get all the best gifts while staying out of debt? Black Friday sale – yes, one of the busiest shopping days of the year is perhaps your best bet. These deals not only allow you to shop for pretty much everything on a lesser amount, but you can do so from the comfort of your home, without having to get in involved in snatching objects out of other shoppers hands!

Here are 5 tips to maintain your budget this holiday shopping season.

Black Friday Sales

2017 black friday sales are going to take place on the 24th of November. All brands, outlets, and shopping places put up deals way before the actual date which last until cyber Monday that is 26th of November. This means that you have a whole week to get all the things that you need for yourself, family and friends.

Keep in mind that each year, different stores have different timings of sales which means that you will need to check the outlets and the official websites to see when discount offers begin. Of course, if you are prepared in advance, shopping will become simpler and less expensive.

Here are the 5 things you can do in advance.

1.    Make a Budget…and Stick to It!

This is essential. If you have a budget, then you need to specify it not just in your head but also on paper. What making a list does is help you stick to it. You already know the amount that you can indulge in and the products you need to get.

Enlist everything from electronics to toys, clothes to furniture and all in between. Make sure the list you have is complete. It should also have some options. If in case you don’t find the product you need, then you can immediately switch to another option. This way it would save time, and you will not be left without any object you had planned for.

One more thing, keep the budget you have in focus at all times. Let’s say, you have planned to spend $500, then try to save the $50 from the 500 instead of exceeding them. You will be surprised by how on a budget you stay once you have a list of prepared items and monetary values listed next to them.

If you are not huge on making budgets, you can download one of the many apps available. They are going to ensure that you stick to what you had planned in advance.

2.    Subscriptions and Coupons

This is another thing that you can do in advance. Subscriptions and discount coupons allow you to get in sync with the stores and let them know that you are a likely customer. Many stores, send you email alerts and messages about the start of sales, some early bird discounts and even more exciting offers than walk-in customers. You will, of course, need to become a member of their email list or buy some coupons in advance to get these benefits.

Magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets of different brands offer quite a few coupons that you can collect and then utilize during sale time. This is one of the best ways to stay away from debts.

3.    Mark these Websites Early On

Blackfriay.com, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Macy’s, bestbuy.com, expedia.com, kayak.com, and tavelocity.com are only some of the websites that offer exclusive online deals that you can avail throughout the Black Friday week.

You can decide what you need and save these websites on your desktop so that you can immediately sign in and start filling your cart. There are some online websites which allow you to fill your cart in advance and just make payments on Black Friday, you will need to search them up though.

4.    Deal with Pals

This may seem somewhat unconventional to you if you are new to this sale shopping thing, but what smart shoppers do is make a plan in advance and shop with pals. Whether it is online or from physical stores, a group of friends can divide the shopping items or stores between them and then go through the list categorically. You can shop for each other, and this way all of you get to enjoy all kinds of shopping experiences.

5.    Buy a Few Generic Gift Items

Yes, we understand that there are a lot of people you need to give presents too. Instead of trying to get everyone something expensive or precisely what they have hinted at, opt for generic gift voucher and items. These can include services, DIY projects and even some things you make at home. You also have the option of passing along gifts that you get and are no use to you.

Just remember, you can only stick to your budget when you plan to. Happy shopping!

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