Want To Undergo A Plastic Surgery? Here Is How You Can Finance It.

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Want To Undergo A Plastic Surgery? Here Is How You Can Finance It.

Historically, undergoing a plastic or cosmetic surgery was considered as the domain for rich people with a low self-image and who want to enhance their physical attractions through cosmetic intervention. While expensive cosmetic treatments like Botox and breast enhancement are still performed on rich clients, the Indian middle class (particularly younger Indians) are gradually opening up to the benefits of plastic surgeries and are ready to go under the surgical knife to enhance their looks.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery, India continues to rank among the top 5 countries in the world for the number of plastic surgeries performed in the country. Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are particularly popular for new mothers, who want to lose the extra kilos that they put on during pregnancy, or for issues related to high weight gain that would requires a tummy tuck or liposuction.

How to Finance your Plastic Surgery

Despite the growing popularity of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, these surgical interventions come with their share of downsides. Irrespective of the experience and expertise of the plastic surgeon, surgeries can go wrong or may not result according to the desired expectations of the client. Additionally, the effects of undergoing these types of surgeries are permanent for life and cannot be reversed. All these risk factors, along with the high cost factors, makes it a difficult decision for those considering to opt for a plastic surgery treatment.

Fortunately, the growth of medical loans for plastic surgery in India take care of the financial aspect of the surgeries. Medical loans are available either as a personal loan from reputed Indian banks or from medical loan specialists such as PSTakecare. Medical loans are particularly necessary as health insurance policies in India do not offer coverage for supposedly cosmetic treatments like plastic surgeries, unless the insured needs to go for a plastic surgery as a result of a gruesome road accident or acid attack.

Cash savings in your bank account can be effective when you are planning for a plastic surgery in the near future. However, despite enough savings, patients often run out of money in the midst of a long-drawn and expensive cosmetic procedure. In this case, medical loans are best suited to finance part-payment of your medical bills. Alternatively, a secured personal loan from an Indian bank can attract high interest rates, depending on the credit rating of the loan borrower.

Why Medical Loans?

Despite being considered as unsecured, medical loans are gaining popularity as an alternative method of financing medical emergencies and procedures in India. Medical loans are offered at competitive interest rates, as compared to credit cards and personal loans. Most banks and financial companies offer medical loans to borrowers for a variety of medical treatments including heart disease, cancer, eye surgeries, dental treatments, and for plastic surgery.

Unlike personal loans, medical loans are also approved for borrowers with low credit rating and does not require the applicant to submit any collateral security or guarantor agreement. Applicants can also decide on the required loan amount and period of repayment, according to their own convenience. The fast loan disbursement ensures that the loan amount is available in the borrower’s account immediately following the approval. For more information about medical loans for cosmetic surgeries, visit this link.

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