Best Cars Makes and Model in Jamaica

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Best Cars Makes and Model in Jamaica

Jamaica- the Caribbean Island is surrounded by mountains, leafy forest, and many uneven terrains. It is a land of the mixed landscape. Due to the complex landscape, it is hard to drive through the intricate areas and spots of Jamaica with a regular car. You need to have a special car collection to live in such an adventurous region. There are many carmakers operating in the area out of which the most demanded cars and models of brands are listed below:


The muscle car is perfect for the hilly areas and the muddy spots of Jamaica. The car has flawless transmission system and delivers smooth drive. Its fuel consumption is minimal and it exhibits true strength to survive in the rough environment.

Toyota Porte

When talking about Jamaica and its picturesque landscapes, Toyota Porte is the foremost car that pops into the mind. The car is more like a minivan. You can plan a road trip to discover the scenic beauty of the region. Porte has two sliding doors and a space for more than five passengers along with a huge area for keeping and storing your stuff. When it comes to performance, the car is known for its stable and smooth grip on the road. Toyota Porte delivers flawless performance and is fuel-efficient too. The Japanese cars are durable and demand no frequent maintenance sessions.


Toyota Passo is commonly known by the name Daihatsu Boon. Toyota Passo was modified with little improvisations with its automatic system and transmission set up. The car has automatic gears besides its steering wheel that facilitates the drive even more efficiently. Daihatsu fits best on crowded roads as its compact size and hassles free drive makes it easier for drivers to survive in high traffic areas. Even on the clumsy lands around the beaches of Jamaica Daihatsu with its efficient balance and grip on the road can ensure drivers to enjoy their rides pleasantly. Furthermore, it is one so the most demanded Used Japanese car in Jamaica.

Corolla Axio

Toyota Corolla Axio or simply Toyota Axio is a car known for its quality performance. More of a compact car, the car is designed for families and for corporate purposes. It depicts class and has a modern touch of sophistication. The exterior is styled keeping luxury in the mind. It is convenient and easy to drive. The 1.8-liter fuel tank makes the car fuel-efficient. Its consumption is comparatively lower and it does not require frequent maintained too. It can be used roughly to run errands or to plan a trip around Jamaica.

The best thing about the car is that it is equipped with many car accessories including a back camera to help you in controlling the car. The steering wheel is designed having a sort of tilted mechanism that exerts little pressure on your back and shoulder muscle. In a complete relax mode, you can enjoy your drive.

Wrapping Up

It could be little tricky to drive in the uneven landscape of Jamaica. Where there are a lot of beaches and islands, the areas have sharp stones, moist grounds, and tricky pathways. These regions are different from usual city life. However, if you have checked some fine Japanese used cars auctions japan you can enjoy the beauty of that place. Japanese cars are fast, effective, robust and performs on diverse terrains. For the areas of Jamaica, you can have nothing better than the Japanese cars for sure. These cars will not only give you a comfortable drive but will help you save some penny as well.

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