5 Industries With The Largest Employment Shortages

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5 Industries With The Largest Employment Shortages

With today’s economy gaining strength, people assume there are more people looking for jobs than there are jobs available to them. However, that’s not the case. According to the staffing agency Manpower, of more than 1,300 employers surveyed, half report having problems filling their available positions. In some cases, not enough people have been trained in the skills needed to do the jobs, while in other cases the issue may be salary requirements or not having enough full-time positions to attract candidates. Whatever the case may be, if you’re wanting to enter a field where your skills will be in high demand, here are five industries with the largest employment shortages.

Skilled Trades

5 Industries With The Largest Employment Shortages

While jobs such as plumbers, electricians, welders, and carpenters may not be glamorous, they are some of the most in-demand jobs in today’s economy. Perfect jobs for those who don’t want to attend a four-year college, these skills can be learned in high school, at a trade school, or through apprenticeships. With many current workers retiring from these jobs, employers are desperate to fill openings.


5 Industries With The Largest Employment Shortages

According to Abels & Annes, many roads and bridges in the United States are crumbling, requiring the assistance of civil engineers that simply no longer exist in the labor market. Always a hot profession for those who excel in math and science, engineering has seen many of its specialties hard to fill in recent years. According to George Zobrist, a professor of computer science at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, the engineering fields most in demand currently are biomedical, industrial, and civil engineering.

Information Technology

5 Industries With The Largest Employment Shortages

With the rapid pace of changing technology, employers are scrambling to find enough qualified IT employees. While many aspects of this field are in high demand, anyone skilled in cloud computing will have their pick of jobs. However, if you need to relocate, don’t expect employers to pay for relocation packages anymore, since employers have scaled back on these expenses.


If you like business and people, chances are there is a sales job waiting for you. Whether it’s cars, pharmaceuticals, or real estate, jobs are plentiful. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales rep jobs will grow by 16 percent over the next decade.

Accounting and Finance

5 Industries With The Largest Employment Shortages

Whether working as a CPA, mortgage counselor, or tax specialist, jobs in accounting and finance are waiting to be filled. If you have a bachelor’s degree and pay attention to details, employers are looking for you.

By choosing any of these industries, you’re sure to have employers lined up to offer you a position. More information about these industries can be found at www.bankrate.com/finance/jobs-careers/biggest-worker-shortages.aspx.

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