Eligibility For Work Injury Claims You Need To Know

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Eligibility For Work Injury Claims You Need To Know

Generally speaking, employers are legally responsible for the overall safety and welfare of staff and employees at work. This includes visitors entering the premises. There should be health and safety guidelines in place to ensure that the employer is totally responsible. In the event that an accident has taken place, and this was found to be a result of negligence or lack of safety guidelines, a work accident claim can be filed. There are also some instances where you might have caused your own accident, but you can still claim for injury compensation.

Among the potential causes could be slipping, falling objects, negligence of co-workers, insufficient training, too much workload, poisoning and other dangerous practices at work. Anything can happen at work and you must be ready to file a claim to cover the medical costs.

It is also required by the law to cover the wages of the injured party until recovery is complete. Enough time must be given to achieve full recovery.

The amount to be requested for compensation depends on many factors. There must also be an internal investigation to ensure that the most accurate figure will be given.

Will you be fired?

The reason why a lot of injured employees are afraid to make a work injury claim is that they are afraid that they will end up getting fired. It is important to note that you are not supposed to be fired just because you are asking for compensation. Even if your wages are still paid while you are recuperating, you still have to pay for the medical expenses. You also need to buy devices and equipment for complete recovery. You might even go through emotional pain especially if the injury has a long-lasting effect.

Seek legal assistance

It is easy to be threatened by your employer if you don’t know your legal rights. It is best to have a lawyer by your side to explain everything you need to know. You will also get assistance until you finally get the compensation you deserve.

There are a lot of lawyers who can help you with work injury claims in Gloucestershire. Just make sure to have a competent lawyer by your side so it will be easier for you to make things more favourable on your end. An accurate amount of compensation should also be requested. Don’t show that you are just after financial gain as a reason why you are suing the company.

You should also do the same thing when you are asking for compensation for burns due to the nature of your work, or caused by any third party providing a service to you.

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