Why Labour Hire Solutions Are A Great Alternative To Recruitment

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Why Labour Hire Solutions Are A Great Alternative To Recruitment

Let’s face it, it’s rough to hire employees only to have to lay them off.  The process is also frustrating because it takes a while to screen potential employees and your human resources department has multiple different jobs to do.  Why not try labour hire solutions?  Let’s take a look at what benefits you can see from labour hire.

What Is Labour Hire?

Labour hire is the process of hiring temporary employees through a company.  While in Australia and some other countries the process is called labour hire, others may refer to it as temporary workers.  Labour hire companies employ people with skills in particular industries and then send them off to their clients, supplementing a workforce.

There are a lot of benefits to labour hire work as opposed to recruiting:


The number one reason that more companies are starting to look at labour hire solutions is that they are looking to cut costs.  Recruiting for positions can be costly, especially for temporary positions.  Then add on the training and onboarding process, and it becomes even more costly.  Bills can quickly add up when hiring new employees.

Time Saving

Your HR department has a lot of work to do.  From processing payroll to solving workplace disputes, human resources has a lot of jobs.  While there are some positions that you can’t outsource to a temporary employee, if you can remove just some of the recruiting, your recruiter has more time to focus on making your company great.


Who likes spending a lot of time training new employees?  With labour hire team members, you won’t be spending too much time training the new team members.  Labour hire solutions hire their employees because of expertise in different fields and provide them with additional training, that way, when the employee comes to you, they already have a good grasp of what they are doing.  You just need to provide the company specific training.


It is sometimes hard to find employees who have experience in your field.  With a labour hire company the people you get have experience in the field that they are working on.  You can rest assured that you are getting quality workers to help with whatever your company specializes in.

Specialty Skills

Do you have a project that requires a skill set that your company doesn’t already have?  Spending time to recruit someone for one project is frustrating, time consuming, and a waste of money.  With labour hire solutions, you can get temp employees that are specialized in areas that your company doesn’t already have.  This fills up gaps in your team and can make completing projects easier.

Quality Control

Knowing that people you hire are of quality material is hard.  The interview process takes a while but you can always have someone slip through the cracks.  Labour hire companies have already spent the time vetting and working with their employees so that part of the job is done for you.  These companies have already had the chance to catch any problems that may arise.


Labour hire has the main benefit of being flexible.  You can upsize and downsize without having to worry about laying people off.  The labour hire company will just send people to other jobs or get more of their team to work for you.

Bulk Position Filling

As a recruiter, not much is harder than having to fill multiple positions at one time.  With a labour hire company, they already have multiple team members who are qualified and ready to work for your company.  That means you can bring multiple people onboard at one time.  From one person to as many workers as you need, getting employees has never been easier.

Never An Empty Position

Another one of the great benefits for recruiters is that they don’t have to hurry to fill a vacated position.  You can bring on a labour hire employee to fill a position until a suitable candidate can be found.  You can take all the time you need in order to vet someone.

Having a labour hire company is something that can benefit any company, large or small.  Take this article to see some of the benefits that you can start profiting from.

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