Signing With a Record Label- Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Signing With a Record Label- Common Mistakes to Avoid

There have been countless artists who end up making simple mistakes when signing up with record labels. This not only affects their career drastically but also makes it difficult for them to be able to grow their musical sense. Signing with a record label could have a make or break effect on your career. You have to avoid a few common mistakes before you sign up. 925Five Records is one of the most promising record labels in the state right now. Owned by Montana Montana Montana, the record label is responsible for several major hits. If you are planning to sign up with any record label, there are a few major mistakes that you need to avoid. Here they are:

Registration and Editing Rights

Small labels often seek to claim the publishing contract in addition to the registration contract even if they do not actively publish the music. Generally, they want to benefit from neighboring rights and syndication deals. Before signing, check if your future label is responsible for collecting on your behalf the royalties generated from different areas. In the era of digital sales globally, it’s important to have distribution in stores around the world. It should also be noted that if any record label requires you to assign your publishing rights in addition to your registration rights – under penalty of cancellation of contract – then you must seek a second opinion.

Alternative Opinions

Ask for an alternate opinion and discuss all clauses listed in the contract in detail to make sure you understand everything mentioned within. It’s highly recommended that you get second opinions from different individuals before making your decision.

Know Your Rights

Always make sure you understand the contract that you are about to sign – and be careful. If your label wants to raise your overall persona, it is, therefore, fair that it benefits from sales of derivatives that your success generates (representation rights, for example). It’s important that you discuss your rights and talk to an entertainment lawyer in order to find out more about the rights you have.

Not Understanding Financial Advances

This is one of the most common mistakes. For example, a label prices a video clip for $100,000, but the artist isn’t made aware that they will have to pay that amount in advance as it will be deducted from their royalties. You need to ask about all recoverable items before signing the contract.


A common mistake that many artists make is that they do not communicate properly with their record labels. If you have a question, make sure you ask it directly. Do not leave yourself in limbo and worry about it later on.

Lovie Johnson, commonly known as Montana Montana Montana, is not only a prolific rapper but has also established himself as one of the best mentors in the industry. If you are planning on releasing new music and want to sign up with a record label, 925Five Records is one of the best companies in the business.

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