Helpful Hints For Selling Specialty Items

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Helpful Hints For Selling Specialty Items

Specialty vehicles come in hundreds of different makes, models, and designs. The cars are sold every day to disabled people and collectors of classic or exotic cars. Due to the range of features, unique vehicles are harder to advertise and sell than regular ones. So, review the most important steps to follow for selling specialty items.


Clean every inch of your vehicle from top to bottom. This step is not so apparent to all vehicle owners, but it significantly increases your chances of selling. In addition to using soap and water, use lubricants for the doors and polish for the upholstery. Vacuum the floors, remove stains and repair tears on the upholstery. After cleaning, you increase the vehicle’s value by several hundred dollars at least.


Specialty cars like handicap-accessible vehicles have many features that need to be visualized. Buyers want to see photographs as proof that the vehicles are in excellent condition. As the seller, take pictures of the vehicle at every angle, including several shots of the interior. Collect at least a dozen photos to post next to the ad.


Compile all of the repair and maintenance records that relate to your car, truck or van. Make the buying process more comfortable for people since they don’t have to buy the records themselves. Show them proof that it’s in good condition and has been maintained well for years.

A specialty car has a long list of features that are not always easy to use. Modern vehicles now have touch screen menus, wheelchair lifts, and assistive seats. The drivers must know how to use these features and troubleshoot in case of technical problems. Along with the maintenance reports, give the new owner a collection of manuals that came with the original purchase.

Targeted Advertising

Receive the best sale when you advertise to your targeted audiences. You’ll find more success when selling directly to the targeted group, like disabled people or classic car enthusiasts, instead of selling to the general public. Ads for specialty cars are easily lost in the hundreds of others made for regular vehicles.

You want to sell specially made vehicles to the right buyers and using the right resources. However, if you post your ad in the general categories, hundreds of other ads will push it to the very last page. If the ad is not descriptive enough, potential buyers will pass it for another one. You must sell specialty items correctly and advertise in the most efficient way.


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