Essential Tips to a Memorable Couchsurfing Experience

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Essential Tips to a Memorable Couchsurfing Experience

Before AirBnB had all of us convinced by its revolutionary business model of turning homes into a traveler’s abode, we had couchsurfing. In fact, couchsurfing is still a relevant hobby for people who want to quench their wanderlust. For some reason, there is still a considerable number of people who want to travel to other countries without having to spend so much as $500.

But what exactly this travel craze that d still hasn’t abated since 2013?

Couchsurfing, by definition, is a hobby where people tap locals to provide for their accommodation during their stay at a certain town or city. Without having to pay for expensive fees, couchsurfers are treated to a free temporary living space courtesy of the host. The owner of the couch, for his part, will get the satisfaction of having a foreign person lounge around and share stories over hot cups of coffee. It’s fun, it’s social, and it allows for people to rip apart whatever xenophobic feelings they have towards other races.

One thing’s for sure, couchsurfing is here to stay. And if you happen to like the idea of going somewhere Bohemian-style, you need know how to make the adventure extra special and memorable by following these tips:

Research the place

Now, before we book that plane ticket to Jamaica, we should start by doing a little checking first. The excitement that couchsurfing has been known for should not at all push security and safety aside. As much as you want to break out of your shell and “get lost”, you should be able to know if the country you are visiting is not too hot. What’s more, you should be able to assess the security situation and see if you can come up with contingency plans just in case.

Gather your funds

Some people think that they can save a lot through couchsurfing as tourists. The accommodation might be free of charge, but transport fees as well as other expenses should be taken into account. You are still going to pay for your airfare and for other stuff along the way, so it is important to know if you have enough money to get you to other countries. It’s okay if you have a trust fund that’s been set aside for your wanderlust. But in some cases, you might need a little extra from other sources. Otherwise, you might want to apply a personal loan from websites like the Personal Money Store. You can get very reasonable installment loans from these sites.

Be honest

When being a guest in someone else’s house, it is essential that you act accordingly based on their rules. More importantly, you should be able to play fair, and that means not lying about yourself. When sending a request to a potential house, make sure that you personalize the message and appeal to your host’s interests. That way, it won’t be difficult for you to win his or her trust. And while you are at, be fun and engaging. Show your host that you appreciate everything he or she has done for you.

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