Science Proves These Are The 3 Most Effective Motivators

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Science Proves These Are The 3 Most Effective Motivators

By understanding motivation, where it comes from and what goes on in our head when we’re motivated, we can turn this into a constant state of mind and decide to be encouraged to do something when we need to.

Here’s what the 3 most effective motivators are according to science, and how to make them part of our daily life:

1. Purpose

By knowing our ‘why’ – which is different for everyone and can be found deep within – we also somehow get to find out the ‘how’. 

No matter what kind of a task you want to accomplish, if it is asking for a raise, study for the exam, negotiate a better deal or simply asking a cute girl out– acknowledging your ‘why’ will help!

That’s what Daniel Pink talks about in his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, and also in his popular TED talk.

According to him, purpose and meaning are the things that let us wake up with excitement in the morning, ready to conquer the world.

So if you want to motivate yourself the next time you want to see better results, ask yourself if you truly want this, think about how it can change your life, involve a contribution to society somehow (as that makes the purpose even bigger).

2. Progress

Tracking is nothing more than just writing down what you did today that will help you reach your vision in the future. Journaling is a powerful process, though, and you internalize your accomplishments by doing it. Turning it into a daily habit also keeps your mind in action mode, and you’re concentrated on taking the next step.

There’s also the feeling of gratitude. You see how far you’ve come and don’t want to ruin that. So instead of making excuses the next day, you go do something that will help you do better work or succeed in a new endeavor, and can’t wait to add it to your journal.

3. Intrinsic Motivation

Stop looking for motivation in outer factors.

Yes, it might feel nice to have mentors, to be supported by loved ones, to read things that make you more determined, to hang out with the right people who also have similar goals, to go to seminars and listen to lecturers you admire.

You might think a higher salary is what makes you work harder, that a bigger apartment and a better car are what excites you when you’re working on your business every spare minute. But think again.

These are temporary. The real deal happens on the inside.

As study suggests, gain isn’t a real motivator, it’s interest,

 – the one that comes from deep within – that makes us perform better and be happy with what we’re doing and with the result.

‘If a reward—money, awards, praise, or winning a contest—comes to be seen as the reason one is engaging in an activity, that activity will be viewed as less enjoyable in its own right.’

Over to you now.

How do you stay motivated? What was your biggest motivator in the past, and how can you replicate that?

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