Crm Telecom For Customer Relationship Management

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Crm Telecom For Customer Relationship Management

CRM-program is a powerful weapon in the service of business and commerce. Manage sales, loyalty programs, customer service and automate processes using crm telecom.

For many years CRM programs had been available only to large businesses that worked with large volumes of data or had a complex sales structure. However, the rapid development of technology has made these systems available to medium and small businesses. Today, CRM-programs are in demand in all industries, where customers and their needs are a key factor in the growth of profits.

Crm telecom performs a number of important functions, helping companies to lead the client through the sales funnel – from the first acquaintance with the brand to the purchase and further maintenance.

Customer Base Management

CRM-system helps to keep and correctly use all information about customers: order status, purchase history, billed invoices and payments for them. The system receives all the necessary data:

  • Leads and the channels from which they were received.
  • Call records, history of correspondence.
  • Personal information: addresses, contacts, relationships.
  • Stages of transactions and invoices, a list of used products

Sales Management

CRM-program is a powerful tool for the sales manager. It helps to plan sales, organize transparent management of transactions and optimize sales channels.

  • Store a full history of communication with customers, analyze consumer behavior, form the most relevant proposals and win customer loyalty.
  • Plan sales in different sections – by region, directions and managers.
  • Monitor the quality of performance of managers, the implementation of plans, monitor the timing of supplies and payments
  • Stimulate cross-selling. Form a cross-selling matrix and a product-segment matrix in the system, group consumers by various parameters and determine their potential interests.

Processing Orders

Crm telecomallows you to save and process all incoming requests: calls, calls, orders.

  • Keep a record of all orders. You can group orders by various parameters – the implementation stage, the budget and product groups
  • Process orders quickly and without loss: you can work with orders coming from different channels in a single window.
  • Keep the order history. All documents, the history of correspondence and comments on each order are included in the system.

OmnicanalCommunications with Customers in Crm Telecom

Marketing technologies allow companies to attract a certain pool of potential customers. Some of them will go further in the sales funnel and become real buyers. And only a small percentage will become regular customers. CRM-program helps to take care of customers, providing them with the best conditions and service.

  • Communicate with customers directly from the system: call, send letters, chat. Give the client the most convenient way of communication.
  • Congratulate customers on events that are relevant to them. The system stores information about birthdays and other significant events and reminds them of the responsible manager.
  • Analyze communication with clients. The system automatically stores records of conversations and correspondence, so you can analyze how your managers communicate with customers.

Employee Time Management

  • Fix the working time and load of employees.
  • Plan your work time and record the result of the completed tasks right in the schedule.
  • Accumulate the work history with each client, associating all tasks with the relevant contacts, counterparties or transactions.

CRM-program is a powerful tool in the service of business and commerce. It allows to combine marketing, sales and services in a single integrated approach, providing a comprehensive picture of working with clients and helping to expand the horizons of beneficial relationships with them.

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