How To Improve Relationship With Money?

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How To Improve Relationship With Money?

We should know that it’s possible that we actually have unhealthy relationship with money. Money is more than just coins and pieces of colorful paper. It holds a specific amount of value that can be traded with goods and services. More than that money can also be represented by the total of balance in our investment account sheet, credit card statements, bank statements and also our own self esteem. Due to its significant intangible influence in our lives, money can be compared to power and energy. Successful people often say that they are in tune with the intangible value of money. The definition of money is so straightforward that children can learn it quickly. Unfortunately, it is also possible that we inherit bad concepts related to money from our parents. Poor people often have bad connection with the intangible value of money and things that we have won’t come to us. So, it’s important to have the positive beliefs ingrained into our mind. This may sound like a metaphysical topic, but it’s important to think about the way successful people do, despite our current financial condition. Having good impression on money can be quite challenging when our income is far from enough to cover expenses and we have debilitating bad debts that cause continuous financial bleeding.

We shouldn’t feel band when something breaks and need to be replaced or fixed. If we don’t have a few spare dollars to replace the item, we should maintain good frame of mind and we should look for ways to make do without the item. What we feel about money is dictated by what we learn when we grow up. If we struggle with money, it is more likely that we will have bad thought about it. Because no one instructed us on how to think about money when were younger and many parents seem to reinforce bad thoughts about money, it’s important for us to re-wire our thought. Our parents may fight over money and they spend more than what they have. If they did, it is important to look at our lives and consider whether we do the same. It’s important to see any similarity. We should consider whether it’s where our beliefs came from. It may take some time and energy to change our monetary habits, we it should well worth it. Good money habits are often based on common sense. Their concepts are simple, but can be difficult to implement continuously in our daily lives.    If we have positive relationships with money, it is more likely that we will accumulate money in a proper way. Taming money as a form of energy requires enough persistence and this could be challenging, especially for those who actually have fear of money.

The most straightforward way to re-wire our thought about money is to think back how we thought about money when we were very small. Money is essentially a neutral tool that can be used to ensure the fulfillment of basic needs and comforts.

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