Problem with responsive design in b2b e-commerce development agency

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Problem with responsive design in b2b e-commerce development agency

The internet of today is different from the previous few years and we can say it is changing rapidly. When it comes to the understanding of the internet we can say all the websites collectively become the internet. Responsive design is the most important element that developers focus these days and it is a priority of every client as well.

A responsive design instantly adapts every device and screen size and offers a top-quality user experience. As the demand for responsive design is increasing, so are the problems associated with a responsive design are increasing because of some limitations.

Let’s look into some problems with a responsive design that every b2b e-commerce development agency faces.

  • Navigation

When it comes to designing a responsive design the first issue is creating a complex navigation menu that works well across different devices. It is difficult not just from a design point of view, but it is also difficult when it comes to development.

Earlier, it was easy to design navigation and mostly it was used to be just three stacked bars and you could navigate the whole menu. With the surge of responsive design demand, it has become a very complex task.

Now, the navigation design changes with every website and it can become even more difficult if the website has a complicated structure.

The developers have to spend more and more time in creating self-explanatory navigation by keeping in mind the users browsing the website. To create unique navigation, it has to be tested on multiple products to get it right.

  • Optimizing images and icons

Images and icons are a very important part of any website. They need to be optimized according to all kinds of devices so users can enjoy the best experience which is the sole purpose of responsive design. But, it is not a smooth and easy task at all.

The images and icons need to be good quality so the pixels don’t get opened up on high-def smartphones. The problem doesn’t stophere, the designer or developer also needs to optimize the images and icons so the users don’t have to wait longer to get the proper display of the website.

  • Creating rich experience which takes minimum loading time

Among many other challenges, one great challenge that every b2b e-commerce development agency faces— is developinga rich experience design that takes minimum loading time.

A responsive design generally weighs a lot more than fixed design. This makes the website to load at a slower rate than fixed website designs.The reason why this issue is not taken lightly because it can cause loss to a business which totally depends on its e-commerce platform. If the site loads slow, then conversion rates quickly drop down.

The person browsing the website leave the website if it fails to load properly within 5 seconds. This leads to the complex development of the website which demands more effort and skills. The developers have to focus on creating a rich experience and also optimizing the whole design idea which is a complex task in itself.

  • Responsive design takes too much time

An issue being faced by b2b e-commerce development agency while building a responsive website design, it is time-consuming. Not just at the designing stage, but the overall process which includes designing, building, and testing—it consumes too much time.

Usually, responsive design takes twice as much time as building a fixed website design. The purpose of responsive design is to give amazing experience across multiple platforms, so it is a complex task which certainly takes time.

Responsive design is difficult and time-consuming, whether it is designing phase, developing phase, or testing phase.

  • Displaying tables properly across all devices

E-commerce stores, ticketing sites, or event websites have many most of the content in tables. Showing these tables properly across all the devices is very difficult because some tables are complex and data in the tables is too much to fit on small screens.

The designers or developers have to put more effort into the process to make them properly displayed across all kinds of devices. If the table is too big and necessary as well, then the situation may get worse.

The Bottom Line

The responsive designs are becoming popular and every vendor wants to get a responsive design. Most of them don’t even know the purpose of getting a responsive design. Nonetheless, the purposes of responsive design are beneficial, but the problems are also complex. Every b2b e-commerce development agency faces such issues while dealing with a responsive design.

Responsive design is a trend and there are many issues that have no fixed solution which is a real problem. The solution changes with every situation the designer have to be creative as well.

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