Important Considerations in Product Packaging

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Important Considerations in Product Packaging

In a business that involves the selling of products, your primary concern is the quality of what you are selling. Once you have perfected the product, you should start focusing on the packaging. People won’t know how good your products are until they have tried using them. It helps if you get quality packaging such as that researched and analysed by NOA.

Categories of packaging

Most business owners consider the packaging as part of the product itself. It has the role of protecting the main product, preserving its value and making it more appealing to a lot of people. The three categories are primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary packaging is the one that the consumer brings home. Secondary packaging is one where the products are grouped together such as boxes and trays. Tertiary packaging is the bigger packaging used in transporting the products such as cartons. Choosing the right packaging is key.


The most important factor is flexibility. You want to make sure that the packaging allows you to make the necessary changes in order to promote your product. If you have products of different sizes and weights, the packaging should also be flexible enough to accommodate them. Paper and cardboard are among the most popular forms of packaging.

In terms of transportation, the packaging should allow ease in moving the products from point A to point B. The products should remain in good condition even after transportation. Stacking them should not be a big problem.


Business owners should now be more conscious of their actions, especially how they could affect the environment. There are a lot of product packages that end up being thrown away. You don’t want to contribute to the growing problem we are facing with pollution and waste. The packaging material must be recyclable. This allows you to help in meeting environmental goals. It also allows you to drive down the overall cost. For instance, plastic bottles are great as they are cheaper. However, they are usually thrown away. Glass is more expensive, but it is easier for people to recycle it according to studies. Another value is that consumers will see you in a positive light. Modern customers are also keen on supporting companies that are environmentally conscious.

Brand marketing

The package must continue helping you advertise your product. Aside from the material, focus on the design as well. You want the design to be attractive enough that people will prefer your products over other options. It should have fonts that are large enough for people to read. The images must be appealing. They should also represent your brand. The colours, text and all other details that you include in the design can affect your brand.

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