Finding the Social Work Job that Suits you after Graduation

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Finding the Social Work Job that Suits you after Graduation

Social work defines such a large variety of jobs, it can be quite daunting working out what career path can be the correct one for you. This can especially be the case if you have just graduated from university with a degree in social care, or something similar. Try not to panic, there are nearly always many job offers within social care and it is about finding the one that fits for you, and the one within which you can be most beneficial to those you are helping.

Firstly, social work agencies can be a great place to start your endeavour, especially if you are unsure about what specific route of social care to go down. This is a good place to start as agencies can help translate what you know yourself about your attributes and career path you wish to follow into a specific job for you to start in. Agencies also often offer shorter term contracts, than if you are applying to an actual company. Therefore, agencies offer a chance for you try a variety of different social care roles. This helps in two ways, firstly it will give you a variety of experience for you to help bolster up your CV for future, more senior roles within social work. While also giving you the opportunity to try different areas of social care, so you know for yourself which area can suit you best. Shorter contract lengths also have the added bonus of not being too daunting to begin as you know if a specific field of social work isn’t your cup of tea that you are not stuck there for a large amount of time.

It can also be worthwhile remembering the specific modules you completed throughout your time at university, working out which of these modules appealed to you and why. This is a good exercise to help extrapolate certain qualities either within yourself, or within a certain role within social care that appeal to you. Alongside, you may have done a year in industry while at university, or an internship alongside your degree, it may be worthwhile returning to contacts made during these (if you found your internship/year of industry satisfactory of course).

If you are in a financial position to do so, volunteering is an avenue worth exploring. Social care volunteering has a lot less obligations timewise, both in short term and long term. And similarly to agency work will allow you to explore a large variety of social care, thus finding a certain role and career path that suits you.

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