3 Ways SMEs Can Do Their Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

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3 Ways SMEs Can Do Their Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

The small and medium-sized companies are like all the rest of the big corporations varying in their marketing needs. Unlike big corporations, SMEs operate on a very strict budget where room for free-spending can only contribute to piling up their overheads. Yet SMEs are required to execute necessary spending which directly has an impact on business.

In order to gauge maximum revenue at the end of one’s fiscal year, companies are required to invest in some resources as well as operational activities which would bring business. Marketing is certainly one requirement for every company. However, when the budget is short, many companies in the SME bracket tend to cut short promotional activities. But marketing has phenomenally evolved and is not only about booking a full-page advertisement in a newspaper or billboard in city centers.

Conventional marketing is becoming obsolete due to the incorporation of digital marketing. The latter has scooped out countless opportunities where business – no matter what size, structure, and category – can effectively conduct their promotion. The Internet is a rewarding platform for small businesses because any online activity is relatively cheaper, faster and arguably greater in effect than other means. Small and medium-sized businesses can indulge in marketing in the following ways:

Search Engine Optimization: We reached out to Soderman Marketing after researching and reading their Forbes articles and they had some very interesting things to say regarding your online presence and SEO. If your company has an online presence and offers products or services which everyday users on the internet utilize, or even if you have a very specific niche, SEO can do wonders for you. However, it’s much complex and far complicated for any non-professional to understand and execute. SEO needs a plan and strategy which can work and the best way to go about it is with hiring professionals. Soderman Marketing, a digital marketing company run by Randy Soderman, which basically works with an array of small and medium-sized businesses in their portfolio. It’s an award-winning platform much popular for small business SEO services because they have devised programs and strategies which help these businesses in their web ranking. In fact, as an SEO agency, Soderman Marketing was awarded the “Best of the Best SEO Company in Phoenix”.

Email and Ringless Voicemail: Email marketing and ringless voicemail marketing can be a very effective strategy if done right. The right pitch can make a huge difference and it’s working for many companies. Email can allow you to turn potential customers to customers and generate sales lead with simple marketing messages. Email does not require an investment to set up. Just the right thought-processes backed by a remarkable presentation to come off resourceful for your email list.

Social media: Since billions of internet users are constantly consuming content on social media platforms, it can be rewarding to grasp their attention with your brand’s word. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. run advertisements featured in their content. Besides, there is a huge presence of social media influencers who can sway the purchasing power of users. Working with social media influencers to brand your products/services is also a great strategy.

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