On August 1, 2014, Dittrich & Associates became DNA Banking Solutions. The name change coincides with the acquisition of D & A by Mary Williams, its President and COO. This opportunity came as Gaines Dittrich, founder and CEO, chose to concentrate on his investments and spend more time with family and friends. DNA Banking Solutions continues with the same team of seasoned bank professionals with a focus on providing consistent, excellent service. Mr. Dittrich will continue to be available to us for special assignments.

About Us

DNA Banking Solutions is a team of qualified, trusted, and seasoned bankers who are focused on assisting both healthy and problem banks with a variety of services...

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DNA Banking Solutions has become a proven leader in providing value-added consulting services to assist community banks with the resources necessary for success, opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

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This collection of news articles, white papers, and blogs reflect the latest information concerning the banking industry.

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